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If you would like to request a hat(s) to be sent to serving personnel in Afghanistan then please email tinaselby@hotmail.co.uk with the name and BFPO (British Forces Post Office) address that a parcel can be sent to. This could be a parcel for an individual or a unit, please give the number required.

January 2014

British Empire Medal

As some of you may be aware I was recently awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen's New Year's Honour's List for voluntary service to the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

I was presented with the British Empire Medal on Tuesday April 22nd at the Mansion House in Cardiff. My husband, parents and in laws were all invited to attend the ceremony.  In total there were 7 recipient's of the British Empire Medal all for different types of voluntary work.  The ceremony took place after a brief talk from the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. He then introduced Dr Peter Beck who is the Lord Lieutenant of the Vale of Glamorgan and is the Queens representative. Dr Beck gave a brief talk about the history of the medal. He then gave a description of the activities of each recipient before presenting their medals. After several group and individual photos were taken everyone enjoyed a cup of tea and a welsh cake.

Whilst I am overwhelmed to receive such an honour I do feel that I could not have achieved everything I have without the unstinting support of many people- family, friends, knitters, people who donated money and chocolates and collected hats and so much more!

So I would like to thank everyone who has helped to make Hats4Heroes the success that it is.

The armed forces are gradually withdrawing from Afghanistan and are all due to be home by the end of 2014. Therefore I now have enough hats to cover the final deployment so I would be grateful if any one still knitting hats for me could kindly stop now and post them to me so I could include them in the final deployment.

I have been approached by SIMBA (Simpson's memory Box Appeal) to bring them to the attention of any knitters who are at a loss for something to knit.

About Us And Our Memory Boxes
SiMBA was founded in October 2005 and became a registered charity in May 2007, the charity exists to acknowledge the needs of bereaved parents and to provide precious Memory Boxes to allow parents to gather mementoes of their baby at a time where their thoughts are in turmoil. The Memory Box has helped many parents through an extremely difficult time and provides on-going comfort to the family.

If you would like to know more about us please look at our website : www.simbacharity.org.uk

Hand Made Items
Each Memory Box Contains a hand knitted teddy bear. We add a large bear to our larger boxes and a small bear to our little boxes. Our donated bears come in all shapes and sizes and we are happy for our patterns to be changed slightly all that we ask is that they are in a neutral colour (i.e white, cream, lemon) and not pink or blue.

It’s the handmade items that make our Memory Boxes so very special.

We are desperate for more knitters as our Memory Box service is expanding all the time.

If you think that you can help anI have been approached by SIMBA (Simpson's memory Box Appeal) to bring them to the attention of any knitters who are at a loss for something to knit.d would like patterns to be sent to you please email admin@simbacharity.org.uk or call 01368 860 141.

Thank you for helping to make a difference,

From all at SiMBA

November 2013

The photo and comments came from Sgt Tony Taylor

"A quick thanks from the 1310 Flt Chinook groundcrew lucky enough to get hats. Find attached a picture of some of us wearing our knitted hats next to the Afghanistan workhorse. Once again, thanks for the hats, it's nice to see some public support."

October 2013

We have started to send out the hats, and so far have sent out close to 2000 hats and are in the process of packing more ready to go out in a few weeks time.

Aileen Hooper is is one of our most prolific knitters having done over 300 hats all with a different design! She has put a few out to blow around in the sunshine!

Sept 2013

M&Co help Hats4Heroes in The Final Push !

In previous years the generosity of the people of Penarth has been outstanding and this year M&Co have very kindly offered to provide a central collection point for donations of chocolate bars.

Whilst we have plenty of hats in my front room we would like to carry on the tradition of previous years by including a chocolate bar with each hat and at the moment we need more chocolate bars.

From past experiences we have found that the best types of chocolate bars are Mars Bars, Snickers, KitKat Chunky etc. These are a convenient size to post to the troops and we know that they have been well received along with the hats.

So far this year the hats have gone to :-

1310 Flt Armourers
32 Artillery REME
654 Apache Squadron
Welsh Transport Regiment
Royal Anglian Regiment
47 Regt RA
12 Regt RA
SCOTS Dragoon Guards
7th Armoured Brigade
21 Signals
654 Squadron Group
66 Work Support Regiment
Royal Military Police …. so far

Winter 2012/2013
1 Mercian
Yorkshire Transport Regiment
Queen’s Royal Lancers
39 Regt RA
40 Commando RM
Royal Military Police
21 Engineer Regiment
Royal Dragoon Guards
1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regiment
RAF Police FLS
ACF Hive
Honourable Artillery Company

Winter 2011/2012
20th Armoured Division,
Queens Royal Hussars,
1 Princess of Wales Royal Regiment,
5 Rifles,

Queens Dragoon Guards,
3 SCOTS Black Watch
159 Bty Gunners
Defence Medical Welfare Service.

Winter 2010/2011
32 Regiment RA
39 Regiment RA
Welsh Transport Regiment,
2nd Battalion Royal Welsh,
1 Royal Irish Regiment,
7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery,
3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment,
Defence Medical Welfare Service.

Please keep checking the website as I may be asking people to pick up their needles once more if I run out of hats4heroes!

Once again I would like to thank you for your incredible support with this campaign.

Tina Selby

For further details please contact Tina Selby on tinaselby@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks to Lcpl Paul Turner Queens Royal Hussars for the  logo design.