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4th Regiment Royal Military Police.

Sapper Ali and the Team.

7 Para with Dusty the dog.

Members of Sp Coy 1 YORKS proudly wearing their hats

outside their barracks just before deploying to Afghanistan.

Members of 2 Rifles CSS Katt (Logistic Corps)
standing on a Mastiff.

We have had some lovely letters and emails of thanks from the soldiers some extracts follow.

‘Many thanks for your wonderful hats, they have brought colour to our lives at a very difficult and unpleasant time’

‘Everyone’s spirits have been high despite being away from home over the Christmas period.  The support from home has been very comforting and we all really appreciate your support.’

‘My staff and I sent the hats to all the out stations where the soldiers need them most and I have already been told how lovely and warm they are as the weather has taken a turn for the worse and is just below freezing point.  When the soldiers are living in the open with not much cover it is very welcoming to receive great gifts such as these.’

‘Thanks very much for thinking of us and showing your support, they are lovely and warm.  They are one of the best welfare packages we have been sent. We are so grateful’

‘I'm not sure how many sheep they have gone through to make these hats but what a great idea!’

‘It is a great morale boost for the soldiers on the ground, to know that people are thinking of them and have taken the time to show their support by doing something worthwhile.’

The great thing is the variety of colours – there is something for everyone, whether it is their favourite colour, football colours or the fact that it matches our new military uniform almost perfectly!’

Some of my lads were helping to sort the mail bags one day when they noticed several similar parcels appearing.  A few hours later and the camp was awash with bright, knitted hats – it was a brilliant sight considering it was midday and 30 degrees!

‘Soldiers welfare parcels from generous people back home are a wonderful thing and I have seen the joy they bring to a soldier who doesn’t receive much from his own family.  It’s nice to know that despite the controversy that our involvement here has generated in the past, that people back home still back our brave soldiers and are showing this through these kind acts of generosity.  For that, we must thank you.’

‘All of the hats are being well used as the temperature is starting to drop don to a very cold -2 in the evenings.  The hats are also going down well with the young lads as a fashion statement!’

‘I think what you are doing is fantastic, please pass on our heart felt gratitude to all those involved - it is hugely appreciated by the boys on the ground.’

‘Hats have arrived and were much appreciated. The chocolate bars were a nice surprise too.’

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the kind knitters for our wonderful new hats which we received today in Afghanistan.

'I and the rest of the troops are very grateful of the support that you all provide during these times when we are away from our families and loved ones.’

‘Tina, many thanks the Hats arrived yesterday and were a massive hit as the temperature has dropped out here significantly in the last few days.’

‘The hats have arrived and are fantastic. They are currently sat in my office waiting to be taken to the PBs where they will be greatly received. Thank you very much.’

For further details please contact Tina Selby on tinaselby@hotmail.co.uk